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Episode Title: Citizens

Original Transmission Dates: 1/31/84 - 2/01/84

Channel: ITV (Granada Television)
Directed by: Gareth Morgan
Written by: Christopher Russell

Tim Woodward
Brian Bass
Douglas Wilmer
Judge Copeland
John Fortune
Prosecuting Counsel
James Berwick
Joseph Kiernan
David Calder
Gordon Sibley
Colin Firth
PC Franklin
Rob Edwards
Andrew Hopper
Margo Stanley
Rosemary Chamney
James Tomlinson
Clerk of Court
Eric Sampson


Part 1 - A tinker, Joe Kiernan, is accused of stealing a copper cylinder from a local businessman, Gordon Sibley, who also leads a local committee dedicated to the removal of the local traveller (gypsy) population.

Part 2 - It emerges that Gordon Sibley leads an action group whose aim is to get travellers evicted.

Part 3- The trial concludes today, and Andrew Hooper, a spokesman for the travellers gives evidence.


The incident in the case being adjudicated occured on 10 September 1982

A newspaper (at right) about the case is held up in court, with an interesting, foreshadowing headline

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Watch PC Franklin give his testimony and be cross-examined

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