(updated 5/27/02)

Scenes from...

"Next to me is the petite Reese Witherspoon and next to her is the even more petite Colin Firth..."

"Do they call you Co'-lon?

Yes, they call me Co'-lon in this country."

"Can I call you Co'-lon?

I'd rather you didn't."

"The irony of this thing really is we're all sitting here in a row, being asked, expected to answer these questions and the authorities are all sitting on a giant bed in the next room."

"Who wants to do an imitation of Colin kissing?"

"Nobody told you to peck at poor Frances' mouth like a chicken."

"You really have singled me out."

"It's very nice to be in group therapy."
"You're like Bette Davis and Joan Crawford in What Ever Happened to Baby Jane."

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