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BBC Radio 4 Today Programme Guest Editor (28 Dec 2010)

Each year, the Today programme hands over the editorial reins to five public figures, giving them a chance to decide what goes on the programme between Christmas and New Year. The editor's are responsible for between a third and a half of their programme's output, aided of course by Today's producers and reporters.

Colin's programme investigated the effectiveness of international aid and whether the structure of our brains dictate our political inclinations. Also in his programme, Rupert Everett on homophobia in Hollywood and John Humphrys and Dame Edna Everage reunited.

Transcript of programme, with links to individual segments: 28 December 2010 Today Programme

Justin Webb talks to Colin Firth about his experience as guest editor     (Download file courtesy of firth.com)

The Steve Earle Show (Oct 9, 2006) on Air America

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  • Paul Kossof "Time Away"
  • Spoon "Back to the Life" (Kill the Moonlight album)
  • John Martyn "Bless the Weather" (Bless the Weather album)
  • Fela Kuti "Water No Get Enemy" (Best Of album)
  • Kelly Joe Phelps "River Rat Jimmy" (Shine-Eye Mr. Zen album)
  • Bonnie Prince Billy "No Bad News" (The Letting Go album)

Hollywood's 10 Best Great Brits
(The UK's Biography Channel names Colin #3 and shows a small piece of an early interview)

The list purports to rank British actors (leading men) according to North American audiences' preferences (i.e., which Brits do North Americans go to see at the movies?). The full list was presented as follows:

10.  Ralph Fiennes
  9.  Christian Bale
  8.  Daniel Day-Lewis
  7.  Ewan McGregor
  6.  Orlando Bloom
  5.  Jude Law
  4.  Pierce Brosnan
  3.  Colin Firth
  2.  Hugh Grant
  1.  Sean Connery

Mad at the Moon
(View Colin's cameo appearance in this 1992 film)
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