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Trauma Premiere at the Edinburgh International Film Festival
August 20, 2004

Colin Firth made his first trip to Scotland’s capital tonight as he attended the Edinburgh International Film Festival for the UK premiere of his film Trauma. Arriving outside the UGC Cinema to hordes of screaming females, he said: “I’m ashamed to admit, it is the first trip to Edinburgh in my life.

“I have spent the last 20 years feeling like I have missed a party, so it is making up for a lot.

“I love Scotland. The best working experiences in my life have been in Scotland.”  (by Hilary Duncanson, Scottish Press Association)

Celebrity stalkers and over-enthusiasts might want to hang around the lounge of the Sheraton where both Christian Slater and Colin Firth are getting 5 star treatments. Onlookers appeared stunned yesterday at the appearance of Firth as he posed for the cameras in the late afternoon sun, promoting his new movie Trauma, which premiered at the UGC this evening.

Slater...bumped into Firth in the Sheraton lobby, scoring himself an invite to the cinema later in the day. Firth seemingly still has the sex appeal he’s so famous for, managing to attract some screamers at the red carpet: “I love you Colin!”; “Look at me Colin, give us a wave!”; “Aaaaaagh, he waved, he waved!”, and that was just the press photographers.   (by Douglas Bell for iofilm.co.uk)

Exclusive photos below right by firth.com's intrepid reporter Janet and her brilliant husband Tommy.

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