In the Public Eye

Trauma at the Toronto International Film Festival
Toronto, September 17, 2004

On the Red Carpet for Trauma's first public screening at the Ryerson Theatre, Colin greets his fans and is interviewed by the press. Marc Evans wrote in his BBC Director's Diary that:

[Colin's] presence at the screening, yet again, makes a difference....the audiences are really on your side and the red carpet treatment we receive on arrival at The Ryerson Theatre is overwhelming. Flash bulbs and TV cameras, screaming fans. "I want to have your baby!" shouts one during one of Colin's interviews. [Colin's response to the outburst at right] It's great fun. And after all the introductions and applause, the lights go down and there's silence. Showing your film to an attentive full house of over a thousand people is really quite thrilling...I am swept up in the moment and I'm glad that I came.

After the film, director Marc Evans and Colin participated in a 15-minute Q&A session with audience members. A large contingent from Drool was in attendance and not only asked one of the questions in the theatre but got up close and personal with Colin and Marc, speaking to the director extensively the next day.

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