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Dutch Premiere of Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason
Amsterdam, November 8, 2004

Colin, Renée and Hugh brought 'polder glamour' to the Amsterdam premiere of The Edge of Reason on Monday night, arriving at the Tuschinski theatre in a genuine Bridget Jones tram with blaring siren. The authentic Dutch method of transport didn't want to stop to allow the actors to attend their own premiere. But Zellweger could laugh it off in a true Bridget-like humiliated fashion.

Outside the symptoms of ultimate Bridget Jones madness were even stronger. Fans waited for hour near the entrance to The Grand to catch a glimpse of the stars. They came by train, straight from school, to hunt their prey: Colin Firth. They were outraged at the question of whether Firth (44) wasn't just a little bit middle-aged and mature for them.

"Colin is the most handsome, charming and romantic man we know. Our friends think we're deranged, paying this much money and traveling four hours by train, when we probably won't get to see him, not even from a distance, but we understand completely that Bridget cannot live without him. Colin is much more interesting than all these young boys."

[All article excerpts taken from Algemeen Dagblad,
 as translated for firth.com by Erika]

The Press Conference

The plush carpet in the heavily secured Grand Hotel has almost been worn down, when Renée Zellweger and 'her men' Hugh Grant and Colin Firth enter the room to promote their new film. About 80 photographers scramble and jostle each other just to get that one – not really that exclusive – picture. A little further along an even larger number of journalists waits for a quote from the impeccably dressed trio. The Bridget Jones phenomenon has turned into a hype and a media monster.

Brits Grant and Firth – there is even someone from the Dutch Colin Firth website – get hit with the really silly questions and nonsense dilemmas. Have they become monsters because of all the attention ('no, we’re just normal people'), would they like to gain weight for a role ('we’re always gaining weight, it’s not something we have to work at'), do they like touring ('yes, we like being pampered and love free food, it tastes better than food for which you have to pay') and would they fall in love with Bridget ('well, we don’t know, but women don’t have to be skinny, that’s something no man finds attractive; a bit of meat is always good').

There are three clips from the premiere and the press conference at this Dutch television site; the press conference one can also be accessed from this newspaper site, by clicking on televideo.

To read Renée O's press conference report, as the representative from the Dutch Colin Firth website, click here. She will also send English translations via email on request.

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