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L.A. Premiere of Nanny McPhee
Los Angeles, January 14, 2006, 2005

Despite the rain, the red carpet stayed dry for co-stars Colin Firth, Emma Thompson, Angela Lansbury and Kelly Macdonald, who got up early Saturday morning to attend the US premiere of Nanny McPhee held at Universal Studios Cinemas CityWalk.

Firth.com's West Coast bureau chief and London star reporters (including Baby Agent) attended the premiere and were lucky enough to chat with Colin inside the theater. Ah, they're still floating on Cloud 9!  But they managed to impart such vital information as Colin looked fabulous and had retained his stubbleness. Phwoar!

Colin arrived very late but did break away to pose and sign autographs for fans. In fact, he did it twice.

The post-premiere party was held at Café Tu Tu Tango.

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