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 Talking to the Press

Hugh Grant on . . .

his perfectionism

  • "I think in a way there is an upside to me being very difficult, and the thing I'm really difficult about is the script. I won't do it unless the script has got there or, at the very least, that my part has got there. And even when I come to shoot it, I will try 16 different things."
  • "But it has become a form of madness, it really has, to the point of meltdown. And on this film, the second day, I had a meltdown. It was the scene when Colin comes and challenges me to go outside and fight him."
  • "Suddenly all this sort of neurosis got to me and I had my first ever full-scale attack of stage fright. It was very alarming for everyone concerned. I had to get to about take 30 before I could even remember my lines."

doing sequels
  • "I don't think they're automatically to be despised" (but he did ask that the screenplay be strengthened)
  •  "There was a lot of coming and going about the script and my part (because) I was not convinced that Daniel Cleaver would go into television, a medium he despises. But I got my head around that."

the fight scene
  • "It was the same approach as in the first one, which was to make sure that it was as crappy as we wanted it to be. The key was to stop the stunt co-ordinator from coming in to make it look like a film fight. We just wanted it to be two pathetic Englishmen scared of each other, throwing their handbags at each other, basically."

working with "real" women

  • "I remember saying to my agent that the next three jobs I do, I want them to be about slightly overweight women. (That's not the truth, of course, but the line gets its laugh.)  Any man will tell you that we don't necessarily want what we see in Vogue or whatever."


 "And now back to the studio"

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