People (November 29, 2004)  Sexiest Men 2004

sexiest bloke

Colin Firth

Wednesday, 24 November  Wild joy. After approx. 42 months, 2 weeks and 120 hours, Colin Firth back onscreen in Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason as dreamy barrister Mark Darcy. You do remember Colin, darling? That superduper, top-notch British thesp who slums in those Bridget Jones films? You can't have forgotten that steamy wet-shirt business in the BBC's Pride and Prejudice? (v.v. good) Right, then. The no-fancying-smug-marrieds policy is in tatters. Divine C.F. is 44, already coupled, three delicious sons. But so bloody what? Even he's come round to admitting he's not so starchy as chap he plays. "I'm not so disciplined as Darcy, and he is mortified at emotional demonstrations," said C.F. "I'm not that quiet." Hmmmm. That's it, old girl. Besotted. Can antifat drug be far behind?

Photo by Jim Wright/Montage at the Four Seasons, Los Angeles

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