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Colin Firth proud of 'Single Man'
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Jan 17, 2010, by Barbara Vancheri

Tom Ford & Colin Firth join forces for A Single Man
Sunday Times, Jan 17, 2010, by Ryan Gilbey

The film's the thing, et al.
National Post, Sept 9, 201, by Chris Knight

Being Colin Firth, being George V
Now Toronto, Sept 10, 2010, by Norman Wilner


Dana Lange's Diary
Durham Magazine, Jun/.Jul 2009, by Dana Lange

A Singular Man
The Australian, Oct 31, 2009, by Susan Chenery

Role of a lifetime suits Colin Firth
Toronto Star, Nov 30, 2009, by John Hiscock

Colin Firth, feeling 'Single' 
LA Times, Dec 2, 2009, by Tina Daunt

He Wears a Revealing  Sort of Restraint
NY Times, Dec 2, 2009, by Sarah Lyall

The man in the white shirt
Intelligent Life, Winter 2009, by Isabel Lloyd

Colin Firth dresses up
Globe and Mail, Dec 8, 2009, by Amy Verner


Colin Firth in St Trinian's
Red Magazine, Jan 2008, by Francesca  Babb

Fast chat: Colin Firth
Newsday, Apr 27, 2008, by Gene Seymour

The Reluctant Romantic
Australian, May 10, 2008, by Peter Wilson

American Idyll
Los Angelse, June 2008, by Ariel Swartley

Mr. Romance
Venice, June 2008, by Peter Schweiger


On the move
Sunday Times, Jun 17, 2007, by Guy Pearce

Pride and Parentage 

Yours magazine, Sept 11, 2007, by Phil Penfold

Colin Firth's Darcy dilemna

The Times, Sept 20, 2007, by Tim Teeman

Colin Firth: portrait of a young writer

The Telegraph, Sept 22, 2007, by Sheila Johnston

Colin Firth: I'm no posh pin-up

Daily Express, Sept 29, 2007, by Garth Pearce

Proof good guys can finish first

Irish Independent, Sept 30, 2007, by Evan Fanning

Firth goes forth

ES magazine, Oct 5, 2007, by Melanie  McDonagh

Dashing his reputation

The Big Issue, Oct 8-14, 2007, by Leigh Singer

A degree in honour of Mr Darcy

Daily Echo, Oct 10, 2007, by Clare Kennedy

Mrs Darcy - eco warrior!
Evening Times, Oct 23, 2007

Firth holds forth

Total Film, Nov 2007

Colin Firth's new eco-store
The Times, Nov 17, 2007, by Lisa Grainger


Don't mention Mr Darcy
The Daily Telegraph, Jan 13, 2006, by Fiona Hudson

Firth Things First 
The Wave, Jan 25, 2006, by Fred Topel

Colin Firth loves to kid around
Toronto Sun, Jan 31, 2006, by Bruce Kirkland

In private....with Colin Firth
Madame Figaro, Feb 4, 2006, by Elizabeth Gouslan

Colin Firth refuses to take himself seriously
Le Figaro, Feb 8, 2006, by Dominique Borde

Becoming a dad made a man of me 
Reveal, Mar 4-10, 2006, by Gabriella Donnelley

Firth Direct

The Works, Apr 26, 2006, by David Richardson

Oh, Mr Darcy

Sydney Morning Herald, May 5, 2006, by Mary Colbert

Nowhere like home

Radio Times, Dec 16-22, 2006, by James Naughton


Books that made a difference...
O magazine, Jan 2005

Interview in  Tokyo

Wowow Online, March 2005

Special Interview2

English Style, April 2005, by Kumiko Yamanaka

Why Mark Darcy is full of beans

Sunday Herald, June 19, 2005, by Julia Fields

My toughest role ever 

Independent, July 16, 2005, by Marina Cantacuzino

"I'm a miserable old b******"

News of the World, July 31, 2005, by Nicole Berger

I'll get my kit off...

NOW, Sept 14, 2005, by Clare Alexander

My life in film

Woman & Home, Nov 2005, by Shona Sibary

Colin Firth: the life of a late-blooming heartthrob
  Globe and Mail, Oct 4, 2005, by Liam Lacey

Legends of the lounge 
NY Daily News, Oct 9, 2005, by John Clark

Sex on legs! Me? 
Daily Record, Oct 21, 2005, by John Millar
Is that Mr Darcy taking part in an orgy?
Telegraph, Nov 26, 2005, by Sheila Johnson
Without prejudice
Sunday Herald, Nov 27, 2005, by Peter Ross
We find where the truth lies
Empire, Nov 2005, by Sam Toy

Too sexy for his shirt 
Daily Mail Weekend, Dec 3, 2005, by David Wigg

Don't photograph me from the waist down
Sunday Times, Dec 4, 2005, by John-Paul Flintoff


Firth Love
Elle, January 2004, by Andrew Goldman

Hinterland who's who
Famous, January 2004, by Marni Weisz

Why Colin Is a Dutch of Class
Daily Record, Jan 3, 2004, by Paul English

Colin Firth: Time Traveler
USA Weekend, Jan 2-4, 2004, by Michele Hatty

Don't call me Darcy
Sunday Times, Jan 4, 2004, by Jasper Gerard

Firth drew inspiration for role...
Seattle Times, Jan 4, 2004, by Moira Macdonald

Ladies, I give you the modern-day Laurence Olivier
Irish Independent, Jan 4, 2004, by Ciara Dwyer

Passion Player
The Telegraph, Jan 10, 2004, by Richard Benson

Join the queue, Bridget Jones
Sunday Post, Jan 11, 2004, by Darryl Smith
The Q Interview
Independent, Jan 11, 2004, by Hermione Eyre
The Wanted Man
Vanity Fair, March 2004
Dad Actually
FQ, Mar-Apr 2004, by Joan Folland

Italian press on 'Girl'
Excerpts, Feb 20, 2004, various sources

Renaissance Man
The Age, Mar 6, 2004, by Tom Ryan

Body & Soul
Filmink, April 2004, by Gaynor Flynn

Firth impressions
Voyeur, March 2004

Colin Firth: No More Mr Nice Guy  
Shivers, Aug 2004, by Alan Jones
The Reluctant Hero 
The Times, Aug 7, 2004, by Janice Turner
Going Against the Grain
The Herald, Aug 23, 2004, by Miles Fielder
Mad World
TimeOut, Aug 25, 2004, by Nigel  Floyd
Colin gets Trauma-tised
UKCN, Aug 2004

Firth's madness
The Times, Sept 9, 2004, by Ivan James
Mr D'Arcy looks on the dark side 
Northern Echo, Sept 9, 2004, by Steve Pratt

Oh, Mr Darcy
BBC, Sept 15, 2004, by Anwar Brett
London Press Conference for Trauma 
Force9, Sept 24, 2004, by Jonathan  Hervey
A picture of a man
Brigitte, Sept 2004, by Stefanie Hentschel
Girls, Mr Darcy's Back!
Ms London, Sept 13, 2004, by Joy Gold
Altered images
The Guardian, Oct 12, 2004, by Mark Salisbury
Colin Firth talks about Bridget Jones
About.com, Oct 16, 2004, by Rebecca Murray
The Edge of Reason DVD Interviews
Oct 2004
The Seven Myths of Firth
Esquire, Nov 2004
The Life of Hollywood
Los Angeles Times, Nov 7, 2004, by Mary McNamara
A tale of 2 gentlemen
Woman, Nov 8, 2004, by Gary Marsf
Firth gets uptight...again
Sun-Sentinel, Nov 15, 2004, by Jane Wollman Rusoff
Q&A: Colin Firth
Newsweek, Nov 22, 2004, by Nicki Gostin
My life resolves around my family
To..., Winter 2004
Love at Firth Sight
Entertainment Weekly, Nov 26, 2004, by Jessica Shaw
A Chance to Dump on Celebrities
Globe and Mail, Nov 27, 2004, by Cecily Ross
Sexiest Men of 2004
People, Nov 29, 2004,
Hugh Grant and I would make a lovely couple
Glamour, December 2004, by Lucy Cavendish
Firth Among Sequels
She, Dec 2004., by Elisa Leonelli

Colin Firth
Premiere, Dec/Jan, by Mark Salisbury


Italian press on The Importance of Being Earnest
Excerpts, February 6, 2003, various sources

Man of Style
InStyle, March 2003, by Angela Matusik

An Englishman in Rome (exclusive)
Feb 6, 2003, by Marco Spagnoli

Ditching Mr Darcy
Australian Women's Weekly, April 2003, by Susan Chenery

Firth and Foremost
Gotham Magazine, April 2003, by Clay Weiner

Down to Firth
Sunday Telegraph, Apr 27, 2003, by Rebecca Tyrrel

Don't Call me Hugh
Evening Standard, May 8, 2003, by Genevieve Fox

The Perfect Charmer
(Glasgow) Evening Times, May 8, 2003, by Andy Dougan

Firth Things First
Yorkshire Ev Press, May 9, 2003, by Liz Howell & C Hutchinson 

Red Magazine, June 2003, by Kate Bussmann

Colin Lets Rip
icCoventry, Aug 2003

What a Girl Wants interview
UK Cinemas, Aug 28, 2003

Easy to see why ladies dig Firth
The Province Sept 8, 2003, by Glen Schaefer

Mr Darcy's artistic licence
Globe and Mail, Sept 11, 2003, by Gayle MacDonald

Love It! Loathe It!
Woman's Own, Sept 29, 2003, by Bernard Bale

Pouring on the Charm
Time magazine, Nov 3, 2003

Firth, actually
Weekend Australian, Nov 15, 2003, by Susan Chenery

An email interview on acting 
Esquire (UK), Nov 2003

Breeches off—it’s bathtime!
Marie Claire, December 2003, by Charlotte Moore

Colin Firth
Interview, Dec/Jan 2004, by Graham Fuller

Firth Class
Backstage West, Dec 10, 2003, by Danny Margolies

Ditching Darcy
Western Mail, May 9, 2003, by Rob Driscoll

I'm a nerd, nothing like Darcy
Now, June 4, 2003, by Sue Gold

Colin Keeps His Shirt On
Daily Express Saturday, Aug 9, 2003, by Jenny Ewart

Firth Returns to His Roots
Film Review, Sept 2003, by Alan Jones

Enjoying the perks of 'Mr Darcy'
Ottawa Citizen, Sept 8, 2003, by Jay Stone

Exclusive Interview:  Colin Firth
Sept 29, 2003, by Paul Fischer

Me Sexy?
Vanity Fair (Italy), Oct 16, 2003, by Sara Failaci

Going Dutch
W, Nov 2003, by Samantha Conti

Beau Selecta
Herald, Nov 16, 2003, by Vicky Allen

"I'm a nerd and Hugh hates me"
Daily Mail, Nov 20, 2003, by Sue Gold

Colin Firth: Still sitting pretty

Independent, Dec 19, 2003, by Fiona Morrow

Colin Firth: Taking the Lead
San Francisco Chronicle, Dec 14, 2003, by Ruthe Stein

Showbiz Mark meets  Colin Firth
BBC Wear, Fall/.Winter 2003, by Mark Evans


Brandy and Cigars and the Final Solution
The Sunday Times, January 20, 2002, by Stuart Wavell

Sense and Sensibility
Vogue, May 2002, by Vicky Woods

The Other Face of Colin Firth
Globe and Mail, May 18, 2002, by Simon Houpt

Mr Darcy's Firth Cousin
The Washington Post, May 19, 2002, by Alona Wartofsky 

A Good Mind and Great Dimples
San Diego Union-Tribune, May 19, 2002, by Karla Peterson

Firth Class
Newsday, May 21, 2002, by Steve Dollar

A Man of Some Importance
LA Daily News, May 22, 2002. by Evan Henerson

Theirs in an 'Earnest' appreciation
Sun Newspapers, May 23, 2002, by Linda Hoy Socha

Skipping to the Head of the Cast
LA Times, May 26, 2002, by Ellen Baskin

Firth May Play Lover, But Never Earnestly
Knoxville News-Sentinel, May 26, 2002, by Betsy Pickle

Interview of the Week: Firth and Everett
UPI Life & Mind Desk, May 30, 2002, by Karen Butler

The Importance of Being Colin
TV Week (Australia), Jul 6, 2002, by Jenny Cooney Carillo

Firth Principles
The Australian, Jul 20, 2002, by Juliet Herd

Call of the Wilde
Daily Mail, Aug 24, 2002, by Jane Kelly

The Reluctant Sex Symbol
Hello! Aug 27, 2002, by Adelaide Dugdale and Juliet Herd

 Double Takes: Colin Firth
SAGA, Sept 2002, by Garth Pearce

Mr Darcy sheds his posh clothing
Times Educational Supp, Sept 13, 2002, by Garth Pearce

Messrs Rupert Everett & Colin Firth: A Q & A (in earnest)
Contents, June 2002, by Lisa Raden

Prisoner of Darcy
Caffè Europa, Jul 16, 2002, by Annarita Caroli

Colin Firth
Real Magazine, Aug 16-23, 2002, by Gabrielle Donnelly

Going Wilde in the Country
The Times Magazine, Aug 24, 2002, by Martyn Palmer

Firth Among Equals
The Times Magazine, Aug 25, 2002, by Lesley White

The Respect I Get Is Ludicrous
The Telegraph, Aug 29, 2002, by John Hiscock


Unreel, March 17, 2001, by Monica Agelorius

Twice Shy
The Guardian, March 31, 2001, by Susie Steiner

Firth Among Equals
Elle Magazine, April 2001, by Steve Friedman 

He's Back - Without the Breeches
The Telegraph, April 3, 2001, by Elizabeth Grice

From Dustman to Darcy
The Mirror, April 9, 2001, by Claire Donnelly

Strong, Silent. Typecast.
The Times, April 9, 2001, by Lesley O'Toole

I'm Stuck with Mr Darcy
Now, April 25, 2001, by Gabrielle Donnelly

Love at Firth Sight
Film Review, May 2001, by Anwar Brett

Colin Firth: Man of the Moment
SHE magazine, May 2001, by Elizabeth Wilson
Bridget Jones's Sweetie Would Rather Play Bad Guys
Entertainment News Daily, May 4, 2001 by Cindy Pearlman
Brit Colin Firth Is Newest 'Hottie'
Chicago Sun-Times, May 4, 2001, by Cindy Pearlman
People's 50 Most Beautiful
People magazine, May 14, 2001
Uncovering the Real Mr Darcy
Sydney Morning-Herald, June 24, 2001, by Sue Williams
GQ Men of the Year
GQ, October 2001
Mirror, Mirror...
People, Fall 2001
Stars Are Like Babies
Vogue (Germany), October 2001
To Win Bridget's Love, I Even Beat Up Hugh Grant
il Venerdi, October 12, 2001, by Frederica Lamberti Zanardi
D (La Repubblica supplement), Oct 16, 2001, by Liana Messina


The Windmills of His Mind
The Sunday Times, December 24, 2000, by Lesley White

A Victim of Kind and Prejudice
The Scotsman, December 22, 2000, by James Rampton

Dastardly, Mr Darcy
The Herald, December 9, 2000, by Gavin Docherty

Colin and Hugh: Who's Top at 40?
Sunday Express, Sept 10, 2000, by Lara Ellsworth-Jones

Get Lardy Darcy Back in Shape
Sunday Express, August 6, 2000, by David Dillon

Firth Goes Forth
The Guardian, June 24, 2000, by Steve Ross

Don't Call Me Darcy
ES Magazine, June 9, 2000, by Victoria Coren

There's No Escaping Mr Darcy
The Independent, June 9, 2000, by Carol McDaid

The Force of Firth
The Sunday Telegraph, May 21, 2000, by Helena de Bertodano

No More Mr Darcy
The Times Magazine, May 6, 2000, by Jasper Rees 

True Romance
The Observer Magazine, April 9, 2000, by William Leith


Colin Firth Highlights Asylum-Seekers' Plight
Hampshire Chronicle, February 5, 1999 

The Oscars: To Be Or - Almost - Not To Be
Newsday, March 14, 1999 



The Patient Englishman
Movieline, November 1997, by Anna Wolf


The Beating of McCarthy
Elle, Sept 1992, by Andrew Billen

The 1980s

Going Firth Class
Mademoiselle, November 1989, by Julia Szabo

Actor: Colin Firth
Premiere, November 1989, by Diane Shaw

Lost Empires: Rewarding Find After Football
St Paul Pioneer Press Dispatch, Jan 25, 1987, by Rick Shefchik

Battle for Life
Radio Times, May 28-June 3, 1988, by Robert Fox

Another Country, Another Star
Company, Nov 1984, by Jo Glanville



Fresh Air
May 7, 2001, with Terry Gross

Regis and Kelly Show
April 17, 2001

The Rosie O'Donnell Show
April 16, 2001, with Carolyn Rhea

The Today Show
April 16, 2001, with Katie Couric

Breakfast with the Arts
May 19, 2002, with Harry Smith

All Things Considered
May 24, 2002, with Robert Siegel

Weekend Today Show
May 26, 2002, with Soledad O'Brien

The Today Show
May 27, 2002, with Katie Couric

Live with Regis and Kelly
May 27, 2002

The Daily Show
June 3, 2002, with Jon Stewart

The Daily Show
Nov 6, 2003, with Jon Stewart

The Today Show
Nov 10, 2003, with Katie Couric





The View
Nov 11, 2003, with The View ladies

Breakfast with the Arts
Dec 7, 2003, with Kelly Deadmon

Today Show Toy Drive
Dec 8, 2003, with Kate Couric and Matt Lauer

Live With Regis and Kelly
Dec 8, 2003, with Regis and Joy Philbin

The Late Late Show
Dec 10, 2003, with Craig Kilborn

The Oprah Winfrey Show
Oct 22, 2004, with Oprah Winfrey

The Today Show
Nov 18, 2004, with Katie Couric

Live with Regis and Kelly
Nov 22, 2004, with Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa

The Tonight Show
Jan 18, 2006, with Jay Leno

The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Jan 23, 2006, with Ellen DeGeneres


Sept 29, 2007, with Michael Parkinson

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