English Style, April 2005, by Kumiko Yamanaka

Special Interview2

Colin Firth

(I am waiting for Colin in the press room of a first class hotel. My heart is pounding so fast. Oh, here he comes. It’s Colin! As the Japanese journalist chosen to do this interview, I have to make sure I do my job right and ask some good questions!)

— Umm, Mr. Colin Firth, if you were a woman, would you rather go out with Mark or Daniel?

[Looking troubled] Hmm...that’s hard to say since I am not a woman. But if I have to say something, I think there are a lot more Daniels than Marks in the world. But I think if the choices are there, they operate differently at different times in people’s lives. I know many of my women friends have been through very unhappy relationships with charming guys who hurt them. And in the end, they tend to marry a man who is more trustworthy and stable, and possibly ‘boring’.

(Oh, Colin’s voice is so gorgeous. His hair is...light brown, and his eyes are too. Wow!! What’s that on his chest peeking out from under his shirt? ...It’s the same color as his hair!!)

— Is Bridget a troublemaker?

Bridget’s mistakes wouldn’t be so bad if she was going out with anybody other than Mark. He worries so much about appearances and saving face. I think it is endearing. There is something very sweet about Bridget’s mistakes. She is far more appealing than somebody who seems to conduct herself in a streamlined perfect dignified manner all the time.

(Yeah! Colin is a very sweet person, just as I imagined. I can’t stop looking at him. He is fascinating. Oh, he’s looking away.)

— So, what is Renée like?

She’s the kind of woman that tries her best to make everyone else feel comfortable. She is not at all like Bridget, because she is not a person that misjudges things or makes a lot of mistakes. She is also very professional.

(Actually, I thought Renée was a really nice person at her interview. I wonder if Colin and Renée ever went out on a date...I am going to try to find out.)

— Ahem, where would [you] recommend taking a visitor to London?

I recommend the Thames River. There is a lot of beautiful scenery if you take a boat eastwards from Westminster to Greenwich. You can see the famous Tower Bridge, the Tower of London and the London skyline from the boat.

(It would be so wonderful if Colin could take me there... let me fantasize about this for a little while... Oh, where did everybody go? Was this all just a dream?!)

Thanks to Takako

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