News of the World (UK), July 31, 2005, by Nicole Berger

It’s hard to believe, but actor Colin Firth is going to get naked in his new movie—as a pill-popping celebrity!

Colin Firth’s made a career from playing nice guys like Mr Darcy in Pride And Prejudice or Mark Darcy in Bridget Jones.

And until now we had to content ourselves with the scene in Pride and Prejudice where he strolls out of the lake dripping wet, oozing nothing but sex appeal.

But he’s just filmed Where The Truth Lies and fans will get to see all his toned bits. However, we’re in for a shock as Colin, 44, plays a pill-popping, sex crazed celeb!

What was it like getting naked in front of the cameras for a sex scene?

It was anything but sexy. We ran through the morning with our curlers in. Then we ran through it partially clothed and sorting out where the guy with the boom microphone was going to be—hopefully, not anywhere near me! It takes all the sex out of it.

Did you go fully nude?

We got to wear a small pouch called a modesty bag. There were moments when it was perfect, but then they’d yell, “You saw the bag,” and we had to do it again. We actually had a bag lady on the set, her entire job was to keep an eye on the bags.

Do you like being a sex symbol?

I try not to feel anything about it. I haven’t been chased down the street! No one has ever thrown their underwear at me!

How normal are you? Do you go shopping?

I go to the supermarket, I would consider it abnormal to send somebody for me. But the act doing that ends up being not normal because there’s nothing normal about standing in a checkout queue with somebody looking at what’s in your basket and phoning to tell their friends.

That happens?

Yes, people stand and shake their heads in disbelief that I eat cornflakes or am in Sainsbury’s.

What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done?

I did once learn a language which I suppose was a gesture to somebody who I’ve since married, so that was romantic. Other than that I can’t think of one romantic thing I’ve done so maybe I’m a miserable old b*****d!

After playing Mr Darcy, do you think you’re lumbered with posh-bloke roles?

Yeah, I played an upper-class character at the beginning of my career but I was very happy to be associated with anything at all because the most likely thing that’s going to happen when you leave drama school is that you’ll never work.

If you weren’t acting, what would you be doing?

Sleeping in a cardboard box underneath a bridge! I’d like to think I would’ve become a great musician or writer.

What will we see you in next?

I’m in Nanny McPhee with Emma Thompson and I play a man who’s living with some incredibly unruly children. They chase away every nanny who’s ever tried to help raise them. Then I come home one day to find that the nanny has fled. I have to go and get another nanny and nobody wants to work. And one stormy night this hideously ugly woman arrives and says, “I’m going to take over from here.”

Thanks to Janet

Photographs by Scopefeatures.
Jamie Kingham/Camerapress

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