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Cancer Research Institute's "Everyman" Campaign
June 2004

Colin Firth is one of the celebrities who has come forward in support of the Cancer Research Institute's annual Everyman Male Cancer Awareness Month. He donated one of his T-shirts, which was then customized by leading British fashion designer Robert Cary Williams, and displayed in an exhibit.

During the month of June, the Topman stores are offering four exclusive designs by Mr Williams, whose 'shotgun' T-shirt has acquired cult status with celebrity followers.

While reproductions of Colin's shirt are not available, Topman is donating
£5 for each of the limited-edition shirts sold from this collection. Details on purchasing the shirts can be found at the Topman website or visit any of its stores in the UK.

The Everyman campaign was set up by the Institute of Cancer Research to raise awareness of male cancers (particularly testicular and prostate cancer) and to fund vital research within the UK's first dedicated male cancer research centre - the everyman centre. For additional information or to make a direct donation, please visit the Institute's site.

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