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London Premiere of Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason
London, November 9, 2004

A dazzling array of stars converged on a soggy London for the premiere of The Edge of Reason. Colin, Renee and Hugh were greeted by the cheers of thousands of adoring fans who braved the cold to catch a glimpse of the trio. Some sang the It's Raining Men, featured in the first film, as they stood in the drizzle.

"We did know that people were keen to see more Bridget but I didn't know they were this keen," Grant commented to the BBC.

As Empire reported, "Yes, Mother Nature saw fit to drench everyone in attendance, soaking the rather fetching pink carpet and pruning away all but a few thousand dedicated fans who did their best to quell the rain with sheer enthusiasm. But there was more bad news to comethanks to a strategically placed umbrella, the rain completely failed to turn Colin Firth's shirt see-through."

"Author Helen Fielding...doesn't have any plans for Bridget 3 at present, despite admitting to rather liking certain parts of the film. 'I especially enjoyed the bit where Colin and Hugh fight in the fountain and they're both wet. It's the wet shirt again, that's important.' "

Afterward guests were transported to Tobacco Dock for the post-premiere party.

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