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Dame Judi Dench's Bafta Academy Fellowship Award
9 Dec 2001 (broadcast 12 Jan 2001 on BBC1)

Dame Judi Dench received the Academy's highest honor at a star- studded tribute. Colin Firth praised his co-star in Shakespeare in Love and The Importance of Being Earnest with a filmed segment:
She does very very little, and it gets past all the nose-putty and all the paint and all this stuff which could easily swamp an actress. A little twinkle in the eye just comes burning through, and it's absolutely fascinating to watch and a complete mystery as to where it comes from.

Colin on Judi Dench's driving: Don't let her drive you.  Don't ever be a passenger in any vehicle. And if you've ever been driven to and from a film set by Lady Bracknell in a golf cart you'll know what I'm talking about.

It should have been leisurely, and relaxing and idyllic; and instead it was like a scene from Bullitt...

It became nicknamed 'The Brackmobile' and you have to picture this magnificent woman with the feathers flying from her headgear basically tearing across the English countryside.

It struck fear into the hearts of the entire unit.

Colin on Lady Bracknell: And the quality she had was rather flirtatious, checking all the men out, and looking as if she was undressing them with her eyes. It was a very unsettling quality because she had all that imperiousness, and she was as strict as you would imagine she would be, and yet she had this twinkle which, once again, suggested that she had a kind of wicked history.


Reporting courtesy of Pam S.

 Additional screen captures by Chris from The Importance of Being Earnest clip can be found here.

GQ Men Of The Year Awards
4 September 2001

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The cream of British celebrity gathered at London's Natural History Museum for the prestigious GQ Men Of The Year Awards.

Award-winners, including Benicio del Toro, Colin Firth and Kylie Minogue, took home stylish glass trophies cut into the shape of the GQ logo, as well as a £1,700 watch from the event's sponsors Chanel...

...Firth was named Actor of the Year for his role in a rather different movie - Bridget Jones' Diary - and announced that winning had delayed his impending mid-life crisis for at least another year.


Screen capture (left) from the Big Breakfast courtesy of Claire. Download her video
to watch Colin being interviewed on Liquid Air

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