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Girl With a Pearl Earring Gala
at the London Film Festival
October 30, 2003

Firth, in a dark blue velvet suit, was joined by his Italian wife, Livia Guiggioli for the premiere at Leicester Square's Odeon—and despite the miserable weather, the stars mingled with the  fans.

Empire reported that, "Firth caused gridlock in the foyer as festival goers refused to leave the entrance hall until they had gawked themselves silly.

"While much swooning and drooling carried on around her, Johnassen was rather less reverent of her co-star's looks. 'Did you see his hairy wig in the film? That gave me a lot of cause to make fun of him. He looked like an Oompa Loompa—very Fabio.' Per the Evening Standard, Scarlett also said: 'Colin's gorgeous—I  saw him in Pride and Prejudice.'

Playing the famous artist, Firth was asked whether his own skill with the brush was something to shout about. "I think I put Vermeer to shame to be quite honest."

Full story at Empire and the Evening Standard

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